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A new home for the Blessed Sacrament

It is now nearly six months since the Blessed Sacrament was returned to the parish church after the completion of our major refurbishing programme.

The Sacrament has been restored in a new and more prominent place in the church, with clear visibility as you enter the main door of the church, and also offering an intimate place for private prayer before the reserved Sacrament.

The current frame holding the tabernacle will in a relatively short time be filled with a new carving which will harmonise the design of the (old) tabernacle with its images of birds symbolising the four winds, and the four corners of the world, with that of a wheatfield. The wheatfield symbolises both the Sacrifice of Christ and its redemptive power. The design and carving is by Stephen Foster whose work is well known and held in great respect throughout England.

While we wait for the carving to be completed, the following photographs show something of the process presently underway and the work in its present state.

Thank you very much to all those members of the parish whose generous contributions are paying for this beautiful work.

The list of donors

The parish is part of the Diocese of Westminster
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