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The work of refurbishing our parish church is well underway. Alongside this work there is need to think about how we respond to the call of the Gospel and how we bear witness to the Gospel in all the circumstances of our lives, and in particular as a parish community.

These questions are being reflected on at open parish meetings on the first Monday of each month. All are welcome, and details are available in the newsletter.

One of the particular challenges we face is how we adjust to being a parish with only one resident and full time priest. At our November meeting, in the context of preparing for a parish questionnaire we identified some of the things we wanted to be part of a parish Sunday, and we also noted the current attendance at Mass, and the challenge of replacing our current 7 Sunday Masses with a new schedule of 5 Masses.

A questionnaire was distributed to parishioners at Mass on 14th December. A copy of the questionnaire can be downloaded from here, and various summaries of people's responses are provided below.
1. A numeric summary of responses

2. Pie charts indicating peoples responses to a number of key questions

Following this process revised Mass times for Sundays were presented to the parish and discussed at a parish meeting on February 1st.

These times are

  • Saturday 6pm; Sunday 9am; Sunday 1030am; Sunday 12 noon and Sunday 6pm.
  • A parish vigil Mass for the Sunday will also be celebrated at OLQW at 4pm on Saturday evening.

The revised Mass schedule will come into effect at Easter.

One area consistently highlighted in the Parish for the Future discussions has been the desire to better offer hospitality at Sunday Mass - to visitors and regular parishioners alike - and to assist the more reverent celebration of Mass by better coordination of the processions to receive Holy Communion and so on. Parishioners have been invited to consider volunteering to join a Sunday Mass Coordinators Group for the Mass they most regularly attend so as to help with this role.

The parish is part of the Diocese of Westminster
Church of Our Lady, 54 Lodge Road, London. NW8 8LA Tel. 020 7286 3214