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Marriages and baptisms are parish celebrations that are often celebrated apart from the main community. And yet they matter greatly to the community.

The commitment of a couple to live the sacrament of marriage is a one of the foundations not only of a healthy and holy family life but of the health of our community and society more broadly

The decision of parents to accept the responsibility of raising their children in our Catholic Christian faith is a serious one. That commitment will inform many of that family's choices and decisions over the years. It is a commitment of parents and godparents that also finds its echo in the response of the broader community to support the family in their faithful living and in the Christian formation of their children.

Marriage and baptism have a private and a public character. For this reason, we are happy to have photos here of members of our parish celebrating these sacraments. Please pray for them.

If you would like your family photos included on this site, please email electronic copies to us. Please also complete the consent form that can be downloaded here.

Thibaut, Johanna and their daughter Constance (April 4th - Easter Day)

Harold and Sidika bring Stella for baptism (February 7th 2010)

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