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The principal work of our parish ministers of the word, our readers, is to proclaim the word of God.

Their task is not simply to ‘read aloud’ but to minister the word so that the members of the assembly, young and old, might hear and understand what they hear; that they might take it to heart; and find a prompt in that word for prayer and for faithful living.

During the Prayer of the Faithful, the readers also announce the intentions for which the assembly is asked to pray.

NB All Ministers of the Word are strongly encouraged to buy an annual Missal (available from the Repository), or a monthly copy of My Day by Day (available on the newspaper stand) so as to familiarise themselves with the scriptures proclaimed at Mass, and to prepare the particular readings entrusted to them for proclamation.

The readings can also be obtained using the iMissal or the Universalis Apps.

The parish is part of the Diocese of Westminster
Church of Our Lady, 54 Lodge Road, London. NW8 8LA Tel. 020 7286 3214