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A new English translation of the Latin Missale Romanum (Roman Missal) has recently been prepared by bishops of the English speaking world working collaboratively within their various Bishops Conferences and those Bishops' Conferencess working collaboratively through the auspices of the International Commission for English in the Liturgy, a group of Bishops established with the approval of the Holy See to assist with this work.

However there is more to the new English edition of the Missal than simply its translation. This new Missal is the 3rd edition of the Roman Missal published in 1969. It incorporates a range of new prayers and a new General Instruction (the users guide to the Mass).

The revised General Instruction offers authoritative guidance on the worthy and fruitful celebration of the Mass, based on now some 40 years experience of the order of Mass introduced following Vatican Council II. Some background to what is new in the new Missal can be found here.

The new translation will begin to be used in England and Wales from September 2011. The Ordinary of the Mass (the unchaging parts used week by week) will be published in June and used from September. The full Missal will be published, probably, in time for its being used from the first Sunday of Advent.

In the meantime, those who are interested to see some of the new Missal texts will find them here. And those who are interested in learning more about the background to the preparation of the translation are recommended to look at Fr Paul Turner's booklet Understanding the Revised Mass Texts, copies of which are available in the parish Repository. There will be parish meetings in June/July 2011, at which there will be a chance to reflect on the background to the new translation, and at which we will use Fr Turner's book.

In Westminster Diocese the preparation for and introduction of the new translation is being coordinated within the Praying the Mass process. The first focus of the process is on helping us to renew our understanding of the Mass and how we participate in its celebration. This stage began in February and will continue until July.

The second stage begins in June/July as we consider how the new translation and chants will be introduced, and then gets fully underway as we actually begin to use the new texts and chants. As and when the resources to assist with this second stage of Praying the Mass have been completed they will be made available on the diocesan website, and linked to from here.

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