Practical Wisdom of Spiritual Direction

There is a wonderful website ( that I would like to share with you that looks at the practical wisdom of Spiritual Direction. Do you have a Spiritual Director? Have you ever thought how one might assist you in your spiritual life and journey to heaven? These are important questions for us to consider. One

Architectural Integrity: A Harmonious Language of Beauty

It is known to all that we have great hopes of some practical and liturgical refurbishments to our church building. I am hoping to write a few brief articles in our newsletter that will help us understand the substantive argument for this proposed work in the near future. Architectural integrity cannot be substantiated when an

New Parish Local Project

Dear Parishioners of Our Lady’s church, I am placing this notice in the newsletter for the next two weeks to give you the opportunity to reconsider our initial Growing in Faith Local Project. As you know, the previous project included dividing the presbytery and creating flats and another parish hall for use off the back